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  • Goldsvet API system
  • 1287 casino games
  • API to your clients
  • Earn monthly revenue
  • Control all websites
  • Self hosted platform
  • Full source code
  • Instant download
  • Full download access is available right after your purchase
  • 100% Verified source code
  • Instant download access
  • Original Goldsvet developers
  • Free Support

1287 casino games
New pragmatic game addons included

With the Goldsvet Casino API platform, you can expand your business by offering 1194 casino games to your own clients and allowing them to utilize the games on their websites while you profit from their players.
Essentially, you will become the casino game API hub that provides online casino games.

The Goldsvet Casino API Platform is only available here with us; we would not suggest you buy it anywhere online
other than from us to ensure you the true original Goldsvet Casino Api Platform source code.

Potential clients who are looking for an Online Casino API provider may turn to you to obtain the necessary API in order to
implement it on their online casino website.
Full developer guides and end-user integration documents are included, and we offer full support.
The entire code structure is 100% open source code; the platform, admin backend, API solution, and even the games come with full Html5 responsive code to be self-hosted on any server of your choice to provide an online casino API for your customers.

A normal setup example would be a setup fee for the end user to access your API connected to the system with seamless wallet integration to start with, and prices are all different between different providers.
After this, a normal example would be for you (the online casino API provider) to charge a monthly percentage of the client’s total income revenue, usually around 5–10%, for the API client to pay you.

The Goldsvet Casino API platform comes with full insight control; you will see all player activities, deposits, winnings and losses on
every client website that will be using your Goldsvet Casino API, and you have the power to disable or enable any API customer, game, and function as you want.

The system is written in Laravel, PHP, and MySQL.
The system is well structured; there are no encrypted files, and you can customize, edit, and change any part of it as you want.
There are no license restrictions with the platform; once you buy it, you will have the full and very same original developed
project we are using for our clients with good results.

Please do your research and feel free to compare this online casino API platform with any of our competitors, and you will soon realize that you will never find a more flexible, price-competitive, and open-source code solution as we are offering with the Goldsvet Casino API platform.

Ful demonstration and test API integration are available by TeamViewer or skype
For security reasons and privacy, we only showcase the demo this way prior to purchase.

One-time cost, no monthly costs (aside beside your server and security )
All games are self-hosted, which means you decide the client’s total revenue percentage and your commission for API usage.


2 reviews for Goldsvet API platform

  1. Leo (verified owner)

    good one

    1 product
  2. Kenny (verified owner)

    So, in my opinion, the description of the api system does not make the product fair, it is actually way better and more solid, and I am so happy I got this solution, and I am running a small game hub operator service for customers to use the games included in the system, and I set my monthly profit to 5%, and I started off as a side hustle investment, but I am going all in soon! fantastic work

    1 product

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