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Rock solid casino API software & game integrations


Casino API platform

Innovative casino and slot development. The leader in online and mobile casino solutions, as well as world-class HTML5 slots. Our comprehensive Casino API platform also enables operators to handle various game features such as bonuses and free rounds, as well as enable and disable games, track reports, and more, all from a single back office.

Casino slots API integration

If you already have a casino website and want to add more quality casino games, we provide 1300+ casino games that are ready to be intefrated via our casino api onto your website at a reasonable cost and with full win and loss control for your convenience.

Expand your business

Casino API for your clients

Create your own network of clients who use you as their online casino api provider, where you may charge whatever individual percentage and receive passive money based on all of your clients’ monthly revenue.

Simplicity is the key

Activate and whitelist a new client in a few simple clicks from the casino api management platform, and control and monitor all network activities from our robust casino api administration panel.
Add and activate an unlimited number of casino api client websites on your server to our self-hosted software and games structure and watch your income revenue rise day by day.


API Integration

Ready made casinos

All of our standalone turnkey casino and sportsbook solutions are also fully compatible with our Casino API system, which you can purchase as an add-on and then customize with design, features, and functionalities to create your own line of white label casino structures.

Integration on 3:rd party website

Our seamless casino api framework can be connected into any website, allowing your clients to add over 1300 popular casino and slot games into their website and run them from your services, giving you complete control.

1300+ games

Well known games

Full open source code, self-hosted on your server, and includes over 1300 casino and slot games.

Full control

You choose how many games and game providers your clients will have access to for their players.
Set individual commission and win percentages for your whole network.
Your clients will be able to offer your casino games to player with a single casino api integration, and everything will be totally automated from your end.

Setup & support

What's included?

The Goldsvetscript Casino API platform includes the full range of 1300+ HTML5 casino games with full open source code and our custom created online casino managment system only available from us fully self hosted and comes with no additional monthly costs or fees.
There are no encrypted files and no limitations to how many casino api connections and customers you can manage.

Casino API support & installation

We offer free priority installation and express lifetime support along with
free updates and future additional addon functions.

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